Truck Transfer and Trailer Transfer Services

Transfers or Pick-Ups-Moving Locally or Nationally

Hiking Solutions moves your empty trailers and containers, as well as empty tractors and box trucks, to keep your business on the road. Our team has dedicated itself to help customers with their driveaway needs whether you need one truck/trailer moved or a fleet.

Our Services

Our business operates on the sole purpose of removing the downtime of your trucks and trailers so that your company can stay on the road to remain efficient.

Have a fleet of trucks or trailers needing to be dropped off or picked up? We have drivers available to help keep your business moving.

If you’re a Rental or Lease company looking to solve some logistical issues. Hiking Solutions can help facilitate your daily problems by providing hikers for you.

Selling a truck or trailer to a customer in another state? Our drivers are on hand to help you deliver the equipment.

Our Story

After spending years working in body shops, and seeing trucks sitting stagnant accruing downtime, we decided to provide a service that moves the trucks and trailers where they need to go.

We have over 15 years of experience hiking trucks and trailers across the United States.Our countless hours on the road have given us the knowledge to be able to handle the diverse needs of all of our customers.

We’re headquartered in Houston, TX but serve the entire country. We have drivers ready to hike across the US to get your job done for you!

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