#CDL4Hire Service

With our CDL4Hire service, we offer our drivers to suit your business’ needs. If you are ever short on a driver or understaffed for a certain season or contract, Hiking Solutions can can provide a Class C or B driver (or multiple) to help your team. Our service dispatches drivers as needed for full-day, weekly, or even as a monthly service.

Are you short on drivers at your business?

-No contract fees. Just one flat rate for both half and full day CDL driver rental.
-We have a staff of experienced and trained drivers to help.
-Rent as many drivers as needed. We can send out 1 driver or 7, whatever your business needs we’re here to help keep things running on time.

Have too many employees out at once and need a quick and safe solution?

-We can have a CDL4Hire driver assigned to you the same or next day as needed.
-Half-Day, Full-Day, Weekly rates and more!
-Our drivers are professionally trained, licensed, insured, and can fill in at a moment’s notice.

Looking for an on-demand solution rather than full-time employees?

-Our CDL4Hire program relieves you from needing to recruit, interview, background check, and manage a full-time staff.
-With Hiking Solutions and our CDL4Hire service, you can have experienced, professional drivers on-demand exactly when you need them, and not pay for when you don’t.
-Whether you need our drivers to help with your daily organization for your lot, or need a fleet moved, CDL4Hire brings a new solution to an old problem.

As always, Hiking Solutions is here for anything you need! No job too big or too small. We have drivers for out-of-state runs, CDL4Hire for local runs, and everything in-between.